Patients Included

A Charter for Conferences


Pediatrics 2040 is proud to support Patients Included. As a subscriber to the Patients Included charter, we are committed to incorporating the experience of patients as experts in living with their condition while ensuring they are neither excluded nor exploited.

Pediatrics 2040 is proud to abide by all 5 charter clauses:

  1. Patients or caregivers with experience relevant to the conference’s central theme actively participate in the design and planning of the event, including the selection of themes, topics and speakers.
  2. Patients or caregivers with experience of the issues addressed by the event participate in its delivery, and appear in its physical audience.
  3. Travel and accommodation expenses for patients or carers participating in the advertised program are paid in full, in advance. Scholarships are provided by the conference organizers to allow patients or carers affected by the relevant issues to attend as delegates.
  4. The disability requirements of participants are accommodated. All applicable sessions, breakouts, ancillary meetings, and other program elements are open to patient delegates.
  5. Access for virtual participants is facilitated, with free streaming video provided online wherever possible.

We chose to embody these principles because we believe in having patients play a central role in shaping healthcare policies and technology. The tenants of Patients Included provide a valuable framework to achieve this end.