Workshop C: Working with Startups

04 Jan 2017
3:30 pm - 5:15 pm

Workshop C: Working with Startups


New ideas are a dime a dozen. Why does an idea seem so much more exciting when it is presented by a startup rather than one of your own employees? This practical workshop will focus on the process of engaging startups through investing, purchasing, or integrating their solutions into your organization. This session will equip you with the knowledge you need to ask the right questions, assess the results, and ensure your team is managing risk at every phase. We will also touch upon utilizing internal teams to assess products and services and co-development opportunities.


  1. How do we currently manage startup engagement?
  2. What is our current process to assess fit or run diligence for a pilot opportunity, partnership, or investment?
  3. How can we derisk our process while still taking chances with innovation?